Monday, November 12, 2012

200th Post

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day in America. Buses don't run, mail will not  get delivered and some businesses will close. I've decided to take this day to rest and relax, enjoying the longer weekend. For 199 posts I've been telling you about my life and my history. How I grew up in Poland and move to America. How I became an attorney, how my parents sacrificed a lot to send me to Budapest to the World famous Peto Insitute when I was little to make me independent. How Cerebral Palsy affects me and what it's like to be in a wheelchair. What it's like to have a disability that is subjected to a lot of contempt in this country and many false assumptions. I've tried with all my might to make these matters known. And I will continue to try to promote disability awareness and inclusion although I do not yet know how. While many people are initially excited to hear from me, their enthusiasm dies down. Perhaps those are things that not many care about, which explains why we are where we are, but  I refuse to believe it.  A sad realization: The number one read post on this blog has nothing to do with Cerebral Palsy, upbringing, disability, law and awareness at all. It's the text I've written about my issues with Citibank outsourced customer support. Perhaps I can not get you to care at all, but I shall continue to try. Please watch this video if you haven't already: and let me repeat my plea: let me hear from your disability causes and non profits and let's see if we can work together:, Twitter:@Lawyeronwheels  and read about me here;In the press
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