Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A blast from the past: This is me- then

As a new group of kids arrives at the Jordan Klausner Foundation's Academy today, I thought I'd share my own pictures from 20 something years ago taken in Budapest. The four years spent in the Peto Institute were literally life altering and not in a way Peto himself imagined. I was not the first one of the Polish group to arrive there, I wasn't there the longest. My friend Tomasz stayed there permanently with his family and became a Hungarian poet. Mateusz, I believe was the first one because his mother was a medical doctor that dealt with CP kids as her field. I got to speak a foreign language and live in a foreign country at the age of 7 that lifted me from the greyness that was Warsaw in the 80's to a reality that ad color, fully supplied stores, yogurts and juices. While my peers back home went to school and never got to travel, going back and forth between the two lives gave me a pretty unorthodox childhood.  Mom and dad would pick me up on the weekends for 2.5 days of fun: reading, discovering Budapest, tanning, swimming. I remember going to Margaret's Island, watching Esti mese, and books I'd swallow whole. We had very few pictures from the Institute itself because parents would never be on the floor with us but my dad is a very pushy photographer. Can anybody identify the conductor? Also note that while MSI made us change into their clothing [thankfully no pajamas] this is one of the few instances I had my own on instead of the shirt andshorts that made it painful to slide up and down the plinth in.


  1. I was a first year student in this group, I remember the name of a boy sitting on the floor and the other kneeling at the plinth. And I remember you too and years after we talked about you with Tomas. Today I work in this room - in that you sit on the plinth - with Russian children. Good to hear from you:) Ili

  2. But ... sorry... I can't recall this girl:(

  3. Thanks. It would be awesome if there was a way for me to know who this is ;)