Monday, June 27, 2011

Whatever works, works.

My parents would try anything that would make me better. I don't think there's a method or approach that over the years we haven' tried. When I wasn't in Budapest my parents had me go to the swimming pool twice a week, a thing that I hated and was most afraid of. I would go horseback ridding on Mondays and the warmth of the animal combined with the exercises and the smell of the forest relaxed me and made me flexible. I had a modified bike with two large wheels instead of one in the back. My mom became certified in the Doman method that was the rumoured miracle back then. We did the Bobbath, warmth therapy, massages, bioenergy therapists, healers, herbal baths that stained our tub, Japanese massage, low voltage electricity, brain scans even. Our approach has always been include as much as you can. We always had a grab bar and wall bars in the hall and an exercise mattress in the living room. My dad never wanted me to lay idly even as I watch TV I had to kick or push something,  I would stand or walk in my Hungarian braces in a lot of the spare time. My parents  always believed that any kind of therapy required a lifetime of commitment.

 I can only testify to what happened to be and what I benefited from. I'm not here to just blindly advocate for Peto, bu it did make me progress the furhest and the fastest- I ended up walking in braces and with sticks. It feels to me that many people get so caught up in the theory and theory of their little field that they lose all perspective. To me it's never about "mine is better than yours" and I feel like everything that makes a child active, move, do things on its own can only help. This isn't about egos, it's about helping cerebral palsy children. There's this odd sense that different methods compete or exclude each other. I would never tell a parent to give up on something they've been supplementing CE with. Yes, Peto as a method might be more tailored to address neuromuscular disabilities, but we are all individuals and variety is always good. And I'm happy our Conductor shares my sentiments. In an upcoming interview for Andrew Sutton's Conductive World Kata vows she would gladly dig a swiming pool under our Academy. Because if it works, who cares what is and what it's called? Try anything, try everything and do as much as you can.

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