Friday, June 10, 2011

Money, money, money

I get strange reactions from people when I tell them of my involvement with the Jordan Klausner Foundation. Many see non profits as institutions that are after their wallets and then blow most of their funds on salaries, investments and office costs. The problem with that perception is that most of us actually volunteer our time and resources to do something good for the Gainesville community. Not having the money is the problem. If we had some to spend we could reach more children and parents with the message of hope that is Conductive Education. In fact, by not having a big budget we are hurting the cause. Think of the disability awareness we could raise, the children we could help, the programs we could launch. From that perspective, every day that passes is a day wasted. Because I want to help people. I just don't have the resources to. Everything costs money. Electricity- money, rent- money, our Conductors- money. And that money has to come from somewhere.

 Conductive Education is not free in America, we can't get it to be covered by insurance. We were able to form as an institution that accepts McKay scholarships [scholarships that the State of Florida grants to children with disabilities for education] but, because awareness of what CE is and what it does is very low, we simply don't have enough children. I wish we could go out there to reach more kids, but creating a social campaign of such magnitude requires, you guessed it money. I live in the country where explaining what Conductive Education feels a bit like talking about witchcraft. It's funny how it's considered a less established or known in America compared to other methods  although it has a track record of over 60 years. There are countless success stories, we have success stories in Gainesville! Children improve before our eyes. I envy non-profits that have big budgets and offices because to achieve anything you need people and resources and space. Grantwriters and educators and PR personnel. All those things are essential for coordinated action because with non-profits doing the best you can is simply not good enough in the land of wasted opportunity. I wish the media and politicians would rally behind us.

 "The Gainesville Sun" called our school "A miracle class" once. Well, we need help making those miracles happen. I wish that Mayor of Gainesville recognized that as one of only two centers in Florida able to offer CE at no cost our school is an asset to the city. I wish Gov Scott saw the social costs of having a disabled population. Our method is designed to help kids avoid disability programs, group care homes that he's been trying to limit spending for.  That's the way to do it- making people independent and functional. There's a lot to do and we need help. And I fear that between the lack of information and the lack of resources opportunities for children are wasted again. Between the American medical personnel's lack of enthusiasm and the competing methods we were never at war with. I do what I can, as I am a success story. But I fear that one day I too will give this up not because of my ambition butt because I pay rent too.

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