Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jordan Klausner: An inspiring Conductive Education story.

There are many inspiring stories of children with Cerebral Palsy. Jordan Klausner was a young Florida boy whose parents decided to try Conductive Education to make him better , and when he passed away to start an organization and a school in his name to help other children. His story is unusual because he inspired a movement. Although his family never got to see all the wonders Conductive Education can do, it's because of him that we can offer hope to other kids and other parents. And it is not an easy task. In America, the Peto method is still viewed with suspicion; it is not funded by insurance, the information is not widely available. Yet we struggle every year to o provide it free of charge to Florida residents, relying on grants, donations and scholarship. And we celebrate Jordan's life through progress that other kids make.
From our website:
The Jordan Klausner Foundation was Founded in Memory of Jordan Klausner
Jordan Hamilton Klausner was born on May 12, 1993. Due to complications at birth he lost substantial body control as a result of cerebral palsy. During his life he displayed great courage and determination to overcome his disabilities in an effort to freely and openly participate in social and educational endeavors. Most of all, Jordan was a very bright and happy child who brought smiles to all who knew him. It is in this spirit that the Jordan Klausner Foundation recognizes there is a substantial benefit to individuals and society by appropriately and comprehensively educating children with disabilities.

Jordan received conductive education from age two until his untimely death on December 16, 1997. During this time he worked diligently to improve his body control and communication. Despite his disabilities, he was a child who was full of enthusiasm, joy, and appreciation for life. Jordan we miss you. 
e following poem, written by Dr. Dan Johnson in December, 1997, captures the inner beauty of Jordan.
Jordan Hamilton Klausner

To know love just look at his face,
To feel Joy, with Jordan, it's all over the place!
Sometimes when his body isn't fully free,
the spirit inside is free to be,
unrestrained and unrestricted. He invited us to see
what deep inside we so much wanted to be.....
The spirit of a sky diver-his motto "no fear!"
He'd make you laugh and laugh 'til your eyes filled with tears!

There wasn't anything he wouldn't try.
Work he did four hours a day...oh my!
To get stronger and better-to push further ahead
and amazing young man-let it be said.
He couldn't speak, but oh what he said!
"I want more pizza-not this lousy bread!"
If you wanted to know if your food was just right,
give it to Jordan to taste...to your joy or fright!

At Disney World, he rode every ride,
He was an expert at "Stunts", there was no one beside!
He loved his books..."would you come now and read?"
Somehow he made you know whatever he'd need.
Horseback riding was his delight.
Tall in the saddle he was just so right.
"Let's go outside, it's too calm in here....
"Throw me the football"...we can almost hear.
For playing in Heaven he surely must be....
Running and jumping and riding with glee!

How can one boy teach us so many things?
How to love, how to laugh, how to make our souls sing.
Jordan you've done far more than heavan could ask.
You've finished your work, you've completed your task.
The next time we're afraid to love or let go,
we'll remember your smile, your laugh and we'll know....
There was a little boy who in his own remarkable way
said "Oh, go ahead-Carpe Diem-seize the day!"
We'll draw on your courage and be blessed by your joy
and in this season we remember others,
Who, like you, came to show us how to love.
Now you're together forever in your home up above.
--Dr. Dan Johnson
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