Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being part of something greater....

People often ask me  why I'm so involved with the Jordan Klausner Foundation. I put a lot of free time and often nights into trying to make this organization a success- spreading the word, working on tweaking our Google campaigns, recruiting volunteers.  I guess with my new profession as an attorney I should be travelling across Florida, handing out resumes. I should start earning big money. The easy answer would be, JKF's Director has been one of my greatest supporters since before I even started law school, but that's really not the reason why. I'm first and foremost inspired by his story and feel like I can make an impact here. That my big break will come, not in Miami, Jacksonville or God knows where, but here in Gainesville, helping the children, assisting the disabled community, pushing forward day by day. How can you not be inspired by James, how can you not support what he's doing?  He started JKF no for his own, personal glory, but to help other children, because he couldn't help his son anymore.

Jordan Klausner had Cerebral Palsy and was benefiting from Conductive Education, a fairly established treatment method from Hungary when he died at a very young age. Most people would just turn away from everything relating to this disability, and James really didn't need a second career. He is a  respected physicist, a lecturer and  researcher.  A very busy man of science. Yet, in his son's memory he started an Academy for kids with his disability. How painful must it be for him to see all the other kids progress through every day exercises, when his son should be among them? Yet he cheers them on, and still runs every aspect of the Foundation from payroll to meeting perspective students. I have great faith in this man and I can't help feeling as soon as America understands what Conductive Education is, what it has done for me, for many more, JKF will see better times. And it can't be long. When I close my eyes, I see the CE program supplemented by hippoterapy, hydrotherapy, heat massages legal counseling and other services for the disabled.  Because real "change" starts with people who want to make a difference and what to give something from themselves to others and this is who James Klausner is.

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