Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Florida CE Summer Camp starts Monday offering hope for many kids

Monday marks the beginning of the most busy time of the year for us. We start our annual Conductive Education Summer Camp in Gainesville, with many kids coming from out of state to experience this. I know the trend is different in Europe, with many centers slowing things down a bit as they go into their summer break. And I'm sure what we do will fuel a lot of criticism from Conductive Education bloggers. Programs like this require  commitment and it takes a lot of continuous hard work to see results. I share that sentiment. My father always pushed me to stay active and do more all the time; To exercise or move a limb even as I watch TV, to never be idle. And having a summer program gives an illusion of a quick fix, that you can make up for a years worth of not doing anything just by doing a six weeks program. But I also know some rehabilitation is better than none. Many American parents can't afford Conductive Education and it's not just the price of the course alone - as ours is offered at no cost, but there's transportation, the time commitment. Yes, this is very sad, but it's a reality. A lot of parents don't  know about Conductive Education, don't trust it, many will not alter their therapy choices or change things during a busy school year. They can explore other options during summer when a lot less is going on. I like to think of Summer Camps as a preview. We do hope to have children commit to our full year program, especially since we offer it at no cost to qualifying Floridians via the McKay scholarship. Only one other center in Florida does that. And we know there are many more kids with CP because the birthrate is constant, we just don't have the resources to find them. And we know this works.  CE is an effective tool to make kids functional. I read a study lately that estimates the combined cost pf Cerebral Palsy at $900 000 a person. I will discuss it more next week, but you can't help but wonder, given those numbers, why don't the law makers from left or right stand behind programs like this.  We hope to have more kids join in permanently, but even if it's just a one off, it's still a benefit. Please share our contact details with anybody who knows anybody who could benefit from CE as we still have spots.

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