Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Attorney is for hire

I don't usually post on Tuesday but I wanted to share this recent development with everyone who follows the things I write. While I agreed to help The Jordan Klausner Foundation prepare for the upcoming Summer Camp, I have decided to no longer be involved with it. I have nothing but gratitude for the family and they understand my reasons for stepping down. The organization had some good times and some bad times. Recently I have been involved with them mostly as a volunteer and my attempts to establish myself as a law practitioner  have suffered as a result. I would like nothing more than to be work with a non profit and help the disability community and I hope that's where my path will take me next. I don't have a job lined up, I don't have anybody snatching me for any kind of position, though I wish they have, but at this stage I can barely afford my own rent. I feel exhausted from trying to do too many things at once. I have not decided what my next steps will be and I am worried. The law market is competitive and I do have a disability that doesn't make me the most attractive hire, but I have hope. Perhaps one day I'll launch my dream free legal workshop for people with disabilities if I ever secure funding for it or start a nonprofit focused exclusively on  fundraising  disability causes. I wanted to thank the Klausner family for giving me an opportunity to do something meaningful, to be part of something wonderful that changed the way I view my own profession. But they don't really need my set of skills right now. I will soon migrate my blog to http://lawyeronwheels.org and I will remain on Twitter @LawyerOnWheels and Facebook: http://Facebook.com/LawyerOnWheels I'll remain in the Gainesville area and as always I'll get involved in as many disability causes as I can. Please say hello.

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