Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Help us find kids with Cerebral Palsy in Florida!

We really need your help. There's no other way to say it. Please share this on your walls, tweet it and like it on Facebook. We hope to reach as many people in Florida with this message. A message of hope. It's simple really. We run a free program for children with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities that offers specialized  daily rehabilitation. A lot of kids get can more independent, gain  better control over their bodies and even walk with our help, but first- their parents needs to hear about it. When you have Cerebral Palsy you need to constantly push yourself harder and work on yourself every day to improve. Our greatest fear is that there will be many children that never heard of our Gainesville school, our method or the Foundation that will be wasting away in wheelchairs, having maybe a few hours of one type of therapy or another a week. And- by the same token-our resources will be wasted too.It's not a magic trick, it's not a cure. It's hard,structured work. Routines of exercises that with time and dedication help to achieve progress. And we know there's a lot of children with CP we don't know about. The birthrate is constant, with some statistics showing an increase in developed countries which means new cases are diagnosed every day, possibly in your area. 3 per a thousand live births.

I'm a strong believer in the six degrees of separation. I'm sure that if you help us and some of your friends will do it too, this information will reach somebody who needs it and will use it. We are local, but we have never turned a child in need away if they were able to get here with their families and attend our Academy, even from abroad. Our services are free to Floridians [via McKay scholarships].  Please help us find people we can reach out to in Alachua County.We offer Spring, Fall and Summer semesters. James Klausner is a UF professor who started the school after the loss of his son, Jordan who had Cerebral Palsy. Our method is called Conductive Education, which is a holistic, but very physical approach from Hungary that never quite caught on in America but became incredibly popular and successful almost everywhere else. I have joined his mission because I'm inspired by his story and what he has built.  I was born with Cerebral Palsy, I went to the Hungarian Peto Institute. Today I'm an attorney and I throw my reputation behind James Klausner's cause. I want to help children with CP if I can find them. But a free school needs students to survive and we need people we can help to achieve our goals. We're not asking for money, just a click. CP doesn't affect your intelligence, just your body, movements, speech. It can feel like being trapped in your physicality sometimes. We want to help because the alternative means simply, giving up. If you have any questions, want to tour the Academy, please email me at Rstrzalkowski@JORDANKLAUSNER.ORG . Come see our work. Visit our blog!

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