Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twice the attorney/Falling free

In May I'll be taking my Oath of Attorney for the second time. A little over a year after I was admitted to practice in Florida, I'll also become a lawyer in the District of Columbia. Please share my joy. I never realized how stressed I have been over the last couple months doing what I can to get the Jordan Klausner Foundation exposure. It felt like I was eating, breathing and sleeping non profit work. When something wasn't going well I felt frustration and guilt, something within me was telling me it was my job to fix it. But I never knew how much tension I was taking in. The moment was right for me to decide to explore other options and in that instance the mysterious back and joint pain disappeared. It was stress related. Over the last few years I became a ball of stress and confusion. I've had some problems- my prior struggles involved immigration issues and bar exam just to name a few. I've burdened myself with so much. The time had come I had to stop myself Now it's time to and just let it all go. Maybe it's time to put it behind me, maybe it's time to reevaluate my life and seek new opportunities. Maybe good times are coming my way and maybe, just maybe I deserve it  I really hope that being able to practice in new jurisdictions can help me help others and perhaps strike a better balance in my life.


  1. The best of luck your new world... no need to feel guilty about leaving your old.

    CE is shut into in a such a corner now around the world that it is hard to see how anybody's efforts, however Herculean, might spring the lock.

    You might be out of CE, but your years of conductive upbringing mean that CE will never be out of you. And from time to time you may well find other, more satisfying ways in which to serve its cause.

    I can vouch for that,


  2. Ralph

    I hope that we will continue for a long time to read postings like those that we have seen here over the past few months. It was possible to see in your writing the point when those joint pains disappeared as your writing seemed to loose its tension too.

    Best wishes