Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter from The White House

letter8_nA couple of months ago I wrote to the White House to thank Barack Obama for his then recent visit to Poland. I was not expecting for anyone to read it or to get a response and this is clearly a generic template but that was not the point. I felt uncomfortable with some of his remarks about Polish people one day being able to perhaps shop on Fifth Avenue. Some of us are already here and legally, with high end careers in specialized sectors. I'm here not because I have to, but to help people with disabilities of his nation and my new home. But on some level I was hoping against reason that somebody in fact read it. Because it’s time issues of individuals of neuromuscular disabilities, education and awareness got some more exposure. I have to say of all dreams that I’ve had for the world and my future, shopping in New York was never one of them. But I guess it shows the extent of my determination and the level of commitment to the disability community. I will stop at nothing to get the discussion going, even writing letters that nobody reads, because one day, maybe they will. As I’m getting ready to go to Washington DC on May 11th to take my Oath of Attorney there, a letter from its most famous resident, as generic as it it is may be a prelude to good things to come.

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