Sunday, June 1, 2014

The great move

You know the drill- lower the shelves in the closet, make the chains that turn on the lights and fans longer. If needed - replace the toilet to make it lower. Build something to give me more storage space in the kitchen. Move the AC control panel so I can reach it. Put some grab bars around the bathtub. Yes, ladies and gentlemen- I am moving. For the last week or so the maintenance staff at my apartment complex have been running like crazy to give me the same kind of experience I had at my old unit- only better. One thing I didn't count on- the lay out of my current place is a mirror image of where I'm going to live next. It will take some getting used to, I need to figure out some new routines of where to pull and where to push to have it done. I know it's something fully able-bodied persons may not understand, but since my right side is more afflicted than my left side- it's very important to me where things are as I approach them.For example- in my current apartment my toilet is in between a tall sink cabinet on the left and a bathtub that is much lower on the right. As much as I rather pulling up than leaning against something I lean on the tub  with my right hand with my left hand on the toilet sit, I stand up, make a switch so that my left hand ends up grabbing the bathtub as sit down. I would not be able to guide my body weight onto  the sit with my right hand there. For people who can walk and have no better or worse side to speak of or need to lean on objects for balance this makes no difference. All that matters is that the bathroom has a sink, a bathtub and I toilet. How they're set up and oriented makes absolutely no difference. Well it does to me. I have to have things set up so it caters to my stronger side for things requiring manipulation, while my other side is good for leaning and pulling. I wasn't too fortunate with the apartment I have now- since the bathtub is lower than the bathtub but not too much and I'm leaning instead of pulling up getting myself to sit on  it, to stand just high enough to get higher than a toilet sit level was often tricky.Ideally I would need something higher to lean on with my right hand - like a grab bar that comes out of the floor and towers over  both the bathtub and the toilet. We were even thinking about putting something between the two as the maintenance people were looking over the things that I have and the things that I would need. The last I saw them taking measures they were meant to see if they can do something about that in my new one. I guess they couldn't have, because they do anything. My knees are spastic so although I can stand for a bit, as they are bent all the time I'm very low when I do. Here's a bit of a good news. As the new apartment is a mirror image of the old one, using the bathroom which now be much easier and safer. The cabinet that is build around the sink will now be on the right, for me to rest my arm on as I stand up. I gives me something sturdy and solid to transfer my body weight to and I pull up instead of leaning down on to stand. I have one more week to complete the move. The complex wanted to give me enough time to get it done without stress. My cleaning lady is coming over Monday to remove any sign of me ever living there but I have one more week. One of the praise benefits of my new place is the Victorian-style bay window that expands the bedroom space by about a third. It should give me so much more light and room for work. Maybe I'll be happier there.

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