Friday, June 6, 2014

Just park anywhere

Today was going to be about something completely different. In fact, with a move in progress I was thinking I wasn't going to write at all. I have no internet until next week in the new apartment and all my equipment is packed up in boxes and trash bags. But then this happened. I was rolling up to Starbucks just across the street from where I live to meet a friend, when I saw a car parked right by the curb cut on the corner, blocking my access to the sidewalk. I waited for the driver to get out, as it turned out a young blonde woman and I decided to approach her politely. For the future reference, could you not park as close to the wheelchair ramp? I can't get by. -I work here- she replied as if that meant she could park wherever she wanted, without thinking of anyone else. -If you block the curb I can't get on it. And even if you leave me some space but not enough to feel comfortable, you are at risk- If the ramp is to steep and I have no room to maneuver I may end up losing control over my chair and rolling back- it happened before. I wouldn't want to hit your car on scratch it. As the woman saw me struggle to get by her car, she finally decided to move it. At that point I was already upset and prepared to simply wheel down the street,  in the road  to get to the curb cut  on the other end of the sidewalk. She moved her car and although it didn't help much, as it was still sticking out to much for me to get up safely, I'm glad I made her do something. She took her time to get back in to try to reposition her vehicle. Maybe next time she'll think about  how and where she's parking her car. A lot of people think of the curb cut area as a great open space you can, most often temporarily leave your car while you right your errands. Nobody's using it, so  what's the harm, right? And your car fits in there so well, right?? And it's only a few minutes while you get your mocha macchiato. Yes, I heard all the excuses. Next  time you decide to block access, you better hope I'm not there. Trust me- if I am, I you'll get a piece of my mind. And that might  be longer than the 5 minutes you saved not searching for a proper parking spot

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