Monday, June 9, 2014

No internet

For the last week or so I didn't have internet or cable. Have you tried using your cell phone to send out business emails? It's not that fun when you have no other choice. As it turns out that you need to get on line to switch over your utilities and have the cable guy come out. I've discovered the limitations of my tablet when it turned out that some of the order forms were not displaying properly and I had to bring out my 17 inch laptop to get internet and electricity at my new place. My complex gave me two weeks to move. The idea was, that as I rely on other people to help me move we could slowly transfer all my possessions room by room. Bathroom-bathroom, bedroom-bedroom, living room-living room, kitchen kitchen. My friends however thought differently. On the second day all of my old apartment was packed up and in trashbags on my new living room floor. Some of the first things to go was the equipment and cables for the TV and Wifi. We've spent  the next few days finding where all my essentials were and getting things organized. At first, we couldn't even find a toothbrush and we had to get one of our friends  to bring me a dental kid. But this move was a a learning experience as well. Many of the people from my inner circle have promised to come out and help. Moves are hard in general, but they are especially difficult on someone like me as I can't do it myself. These people mysteriously and all of the sudden ended up having to work on the days we were getting together. But others stuck by me and for that I'm grateful. While I love my new bay widow and a bigger bedroom full of sunshine I didn't love the bathroom door that opened inward. A friend just grabbed her drill and flipped the door and hinges. Some of the other tasks of the week included: hanging shelves, putting up the tv, figuring out my washer and dryer and reconstructing the dryer stand. Obviously I wouldn't be  to do it without the people who did it for me. As today is the first day that my internet works again, because although I ordered it last week the closest available date was today, give me a few days to get back to full swing of blogging. The good news? My place is starting to look like a home.

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