Friday, June 20, 2014


Time sure flies when you're having fun... or not. Recently my blog reached a milestone- 400 posts. I figured it was worth a quick note as it gave me an opportunity to stop and reflect. Over the last three years some of you  followed my first steps in the legal profession, my musings on my childhood with disability and rehabilitation in Europe, my journey to America on ab mission to leave my mark and be more independent. My thoughts on what it was like being a child with Cerebral Palsy and what it's like to be an adult in a wheelchair today. I blogged as took my oath of attorney in Florida. I blogged as I did it again in DC. I blogged as I started a disability nonprofit: I blogged when I was asked to speak at a disability summit in Germany and when I visited home along the way. 33 of those short essays were published as a book in England, "Never, never quit"- which mostly reflects on my years spent in the Peto Institute, wonderfully edited and annotated by Andrew Sutton. But he's been clearly slacking. Given the paste that I've been coming up with new  material, we're about two books behind. Today I wanted to share with you some of  my favorite bits as you raise the glass to the big 400.

"The Oath"-  my first post ever. Life rarely turns out the way we plan, but that was me- then

"The Leap of Faith" one of the texts on how I ended up in America

"It's about the parents"- It's about my parents to whom I'm forever indebted. But it's also about the importance of all the parents of all the kids with disabilities

"Everybody loves and freakshow": Stop and stare. Some people act like they've never seen a wheelchair before

"The bathroom issue" - about all the people who hold up disability accessible restrooms to hangout, smoke or chat

"American Dream is not over"- I'm still after mine!

"Other people have problems too" I'm so focused on my problems and I mission in live that I often miss obvious things

"Cerebral Palsy stigma"- My disability is often a subject of jokes

"I'm in a wheelchair, I must be homeless"- sometimes a stranger wants to give me a dollar

"Have a life" The importance of having routines, friends and passions-

Introducing our new nonprofit: FDAAF

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