Sunday, August 18, 2013


For 299 posts I've given you a glimpse into my life. Is it the whole story? Of course not. It's a random collections of stories as I remember them, opinions as I hold them, dreams and hopes as I dare to speak of them. I wanted you to know what it was like for me. What it must have been for my parents. How my life in Poland looked and what I do with myself these days. My childhood, my adulthood. In some ways I've changed, but it's funny in how many I've stayed exactly the same. Cerebral Palsy- how I refuse for it to define me. How I fight for it to not limit me, but still it does. How I relate to others and how they see me. How I wasn't as independent as I wanted to, so I moved to a new country. How I'm social and recognizable and yet on some levels I get lonely- and I still strive to find my way. This is the ten most popular posts in my blog's history.

Peto: For some reason my thoughts on the Conductive Education method creator Andras Peto is the single most read piece of writing I've published. Does it matter what he did and who he was? Do I ask myself what would Peto do- like some conductors?

Moving to America: My all-American story. What a bold a scary leap it was to move from Poland and yet, the one I felt I had no choice but to take.

Cerebral Palsy stigma- What is it like to have a disability that gets mentioned in American jokes and everybody seems to have feelings about?

The 100th post and 200th post- my previous rundowns.

American Dream is not over: I have hopes and dreams and I'm full of energy. America for me is about making a life for myself, grabbing onto it and fighting for it. Helping others and making a difference

Introducing our new nonprofit: Earlier this year I've launched the Disability Access and Awareness Foundation in Gainesville

Help us find kids with Cerebral Palsy in Gainesville. A few years ago I worked at the Jordan Klausner Foundation, that provided free Conductive Education to Florida children. It was a method that made a lot of kids who are like I was once, mobile. Yet we struggled to get the  message out and I'd get very frustrated

The Gainesville Community forum: City's attempts to make disability part of it's  diversity message

My adventures with Citibank- Have you ever tried speaking to a phone agent?

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