Monday, August 5, 2013

The title.

What can I say. I'm a busy bee. Between the very few clients I've been dealing with, an opposing counsel whose filings forced me to redo a month's worth of work and saying good bye in a meaningful manner to the cast of our visiting summer musical, there was one more thing I needed to get to. As I go forward clearing pressing matters off my desk this was one of the things I actually dread it. As the time approaches for me to head over to Germany to talk about my life with Cerebral Palsy, it will also mark the release date of my book. My first and most likely only contribution to the world of literature. The thing seems to be coming together. I've seen the manuscript. It actually looks like something you could put on your table. But there was one essential ingredient missing. The title. I wanted something that would make a statement. That would speak volumes about me when you looked at the cover. No pressure. Just something as simple as all that I am about, what the purpose of it was and why this was put together. I still have my reservations about this publication and how it flows. I fear that when you read it, given how random it is and how tied to the frame of mind I was in while writing every bit it will not make much sense. It is not a book I've written is a sense of sitting down and committing words to paper. It doesn't have the continuity of an autobiography or a novel. The bits and pieces are selections from my blog with hardly any introduction or transition between the pieces. I needed a title that reflect that. A collection of thoughts rather than a homogeneous volume. Two people have sent me the ideas I liked the most. I wanted to somewhat combine them. Susie Mallet liked the title of my blog and a brief comment I made about my blog and how I see it as a collection of states of mind. Andrew Sutton suggested "Never, never quit" which is lifted from a title of one of my postings. Funny thing- I read it on a Monster Energy drink can. But it does tell my story and in ways is my motto. My life in so many ways has always been about trying harder, reaching further, fighting, kicking and screaming, not taking no for an answer, getting in through the window when they show you the door. And my true belief that if you stick through it long enough, people, things and events will come into line. Everyone will see your true colors, because who you are is always enough. So: Here it is. A title. Too long to fit in a Twitter message, yet I'm very  pleased with it.
"Never, never quit: My Conductive Education. Pieces of mind, memories and opinions From the desk of Ralph StrzaƂkowski, Esq. Lawyer on Wheels".

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