Monday, January 2, 2012

Top ten blogposts in 2011

I started this blog for a number of reasons. I wanted to bring exposure to the Jordan Klausner Foundation, our activities, mission and history. I also hoped to chronicle my own experiences with Cerebral Palsy, an adult life in a wheelchair as I reflect on my childhood with Conductive Education, face prejudice and stereotypes and venture off into the field of law practice. Somewhere along the way hopefully a rights education workshop will emerge. As the New Year begins I decided to list 10 most popular posts I've written so far. I try to add content pretty regularly, three times a week.

1.Help us find kids with Cerebral Palsy! My appeal to friends to help us spread awareness about our school and CE program in Gainesville. Many people have shared and reposted it during Holiday season. 258 people have put it on their Facebook walls alone.

2. "Gainesville Community forum: prejudice For some reason , this very local experience of a discussion panel organized by the city that I was asked to join had a lot of hits.

3. Cerebral Palsy stigma I wrote this text about the perception of my disability, ridiculed or pitied in American culture

4. A blast from the past: This is me- then Old pictures from Budapest and the Peto Institute

5. I'm in a wheelchair, I must be homeless On my way home people sometimes offered me money or bread.

6. Cerebral palsy costs over $900000 per person in the US The social cost of CP means some real money. Isn't it time we made people with disabilities more functional and independent rather than having them depending on state care?

7.The wheelchair was my boogeyman. To motivate me, my parents made my wheelchair into something scary and final. I think it was a mistake.

8. To the inconsiderate driver  Just one day, just one instance of what it's like to be in a wheelchair and what it's like to find the access ramp blocked. It happens a lot.

9. A Conductive World. I get requests for help from around the globe. Desperate cries from the disability community from the furthest corners of the world. But I don't have the means to assist them.

10. Manifesto: My dream I dream of this organization being being big, strong and able to launch new programs and therapies. If we only had the money...

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