Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last night a man was hit by a car

How much of your time is a human life worth? 20 seconds? 30? A man was hit  by a car while crossing West University Avenue last night and the driver never stopped. I was on my way home last night when I saw a larger group of people standing in the middle of the road, from time to time screaming at drivers from either lane when they got to close. I thought their friend passed out or they were drunk themselves. When the police arrived it turned out they were doing something truly amazing. When they walked away I could see an older man with white hair and a longer beard on the ground. As it turned out they were waiting for paramedics and were afraid to move him so they decided to protect him with their own bodies by forming a circle around him. One of the girls described the car to the police and said that it was going really fast. She saw the man and when she realized what was about to happen she felt she wanted to grab him. It all happen in the Durrty Nelly's area it felt like they were all coming from Fubar or Mars with more of their friends joining them in in the matter of minutes. The man seemed aware but wasn't moving. The girl also mentioned a red light and that the car kept on going but I couldn't make out whose light it was. The driver nearly killed someone because they wanted to be somewhere else and fast. For some reason we always believe we're gonna make it. We overestimate our abilities, we forget that there are people  in  traffic, sometimes older, sometimes disabled, sometimes slower that may not react as quickly to the incoming drivers. That's when accidents happen- when you don't adjust your speed, your driving to conditions on the road.  I did see the police car taking off and speeding down University Avenue to find those responsible.

I always say that life is a series of almost hits and near misses. And I experienced it myself Monday night. I was crossing University by 8th to get to The Laboratory Cafe when the light changed leaving me in the middle lane just as I was entering another. The car that waited for me to go  started to move full speed at the one behind him didn't stop. The traffic resumed both ways with me in my wheelchair trapped in the middle. I shouted for some bystanders to press the button for me  when a man decided to walk up and stop the cars for me. The intersection was well lit, I'm sure they saw me trying to cross in my wheelchair. But they were not to be bothered, they were in a hurry with good Samaritans saving the day. And I try to avoid close calls as much as I can- I don't cross at the last second or in front of large vehicles. Yet still, sometimes you're out of luck.

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