Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Please support us- impress the IRS!

If you're in America you only have five days left to make a tax deductible charitable donation. Please consider giving to The Jordan Klausner Foundation. We are a small Florida non profit with big dreams of helping more and more children with neuromuscular disabilities. None of our officers at this time are compensated meaning you can be certain that every penny will go directly to the cause. Our main focus right know is the Gainesville Conductive Education Academy, a free school for children with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions. Our goal is to help kids develop and be physically functional and independent enough to transition and succeed in a normal school setting. To become the best they can, which can mean different things to every child based on the extent of their condition and their mobility.

The Academy combines traditional schooling with the Hungarian Peto approach that is very challenging and physical. Kata Szvoboda, who runs the program was trained at the Peto Institute, an internationally famous destination for parents of kids with Cerebral Palsy and is Hungarian. Our program is free for Florida children and competitively priced for out of staters and foreigners. This method is not very popular in the US to begin with and one of  very few in Florida offering services free. We are able to do what we do thanks to the State granted McKay scholarships awarded to our children- but these cover about half of our operating budget meaning we have to supplement it with grants and donations. We can barely afford to run the program at the level we do now and our dreams and ambitions are greater, because the needs of the kids and families are greater. Not only would we like to integrate different forms of therapy into the program, but we see the need for legal assistance for parents and kids with Cerebral Palsy struggling with the education system and all forms of prejudice. James Klausner started JKF not only as a way to have his son, who had CP but tragically passed away remembered, but primarily out of necessity. Negotiating with school boards and providing educational options was then and is now a big issue for parents of kids with disabilities.

We do what we do, because we believe in it, struggling every year, hoping somebody comes along to help us.  Somebody who understands our passion and why this is important. I joined JKF because I was born with CP and I benefited from the Peto method as a child. Today I'm an attorney. I refused to join the corporate world because there are kids out there who are like I once was. I'm not going to change the world but I'm going to help more kids raise above Cerebral Palsy to become educated and successful. But I need help.  I understand if you're not passionate about this cause. We all get excited about different things. One of my friends prefers cats over people and that's perfectly understandable. But if you think you can stand behind us, then let's do good together. It's a win win. We are a 501 c3 non profit. You can help the kids, feel good and get a tax deduction.
You can donate via
PayPal< or Causes: http://www.causes.com/causes/481116-support-jordan-klausner-foundation-help-gainesville-s-disabled-kids.
Even if you can't help financially, please support us by passing this link along and getting the word out. Parents deserve to know that there's hope. If you feel like helping us out in other ways, like organizing events, overhauling our website or our social media presence let us know. If you're a parent or a member of the press come meet us or come to our school. Also, please, visit our website http://www.jordanklausnerfoundation.org  follow us on Twitter: JKlausnerFound of "like us" on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/jordanklausnerfoundation
you can email me at rstrzalkowski@jordanklausner.org of Facebook me at http://facebook.com/rstrzal

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