Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank you, everyone

The weather seemed to be against us Saturday. The rain and wind tore most of our signs and posters. Till the last moment we weren't even sure if our yardsale would even happen. At 8 am it was still storming, and although it stopped many people decided to stay at home for sure. We started late. For some reason Facebook Causes application did not send the e-mails out until the day after and we had to compete with one of the greatest highlights of the football season- the Florida-Georgia game with many tailgating out of town. But still, the out-pour of support was amazing. It wasn't so much the many we raised, although our friends did meet the target the have set themselves. It was about letting the community help. And supporting their efforts to support us. Allowing others become passionate and involved in the cause the one way they knew how. Spreading the word about Conductive Education, raising awareness of the needs of kids and establishing JKF as a visible, worthy charity starts with going into the communities, giving out brochures, talking to people and giving information. Children with CP are somewhere in Gainesville, our future supporters are there as well.  They just haven't heard The beginning is always the knowledge and it feels we've made the first step- to help others be excited about this as we are. Big thank you to all who showed up to support it and who made it a fun, interactive day for all of us.