Monday, October 3, 2011

UF Campaign for Charities has launched and we are 3029.

University of Florida kicked off another season of its Campaign for Charities giving us a good reason to regroup, rethink, re-coordinate our efforts so more and more people can hear about our work. I have great hopes for the outcome. If we push a little harder pieces will finally fall into place. UFCC is an initiative that allows the faculty and stuff to donate to their favorite charity right out of their payroll. The nonprofits are local and carefully selected. The UF employees often recruit their coworkers by putting together fun events to promote it, be it picnics, art or sports. Departments compete with each other to rank higher in a number of categories, a friendly rivalry for the greater good. JKF is of course one of the charities approved by the campaign. We will be contacting the school's stuff directly. James Klausner will be addressing his Engineering colleagues in a letter, while I'll be talking to the law faculty. It's not only about the money. We need to get the word out and let it spread. We are wasting resources if people don't hear about what we do now and what are our plans for the future. We also need excitement and a bit of a new start. We have to grow. My biggest fear is that if we fail we will never reach parents and kids with the message of hope as they will never experience Conductive Education and other forms of assistance they need. If we don't do something, if we don't break out, we'll never move forward and be stuck for years. For me of course it's not so much about Conductive Education anymore as I want us to help the disability community in many other areas as well. We hope that with a new website, a new logo and a local PR agency working with us we can finally become visible, and all that will hopefully come together within a few weeks. I also hope to have meetings and give speeches this season. I have no problems with talking about experiences with my disability if it's to help others. I'm energized because something is finally happening. If you work for UF our number is 3029. Please visit

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