Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excited for the world to hear

A journalist from a New York based newspaper was supposed to visit Gainesville this week to write about our school, but extreme weather intervened. She got stuck in Orlando because of a tornado and had to turn around. But we are not giving up and this will happen. We waited a really long to have somebody from our small circle of those in the know to hear about it. For one reason or another Conductive Education, the rehabilitation method, the form of upbringing, the approach or whatever else you call it that took Europe by storm never quite came to prominence in the United States. People don't know about it, they don't see it as a valuable, credible, respected and real. Parents don't know that there options for Cerebral Palsy and that at our small schools big miracles happen. But this really isn't a miracle- it's hard work that a child is doing to be more independent and functional. If it takes too long to explain we all get frustrated. But we regroup with new ideas, big dreams and plans. We want the Americans to hear, we want the  media to listen. Something's gotta give.  We write to tv stations, shows, anchors, press. Somebody will answer. Because how can you not care about children with Cerebral Palsy? James Klausner's personal touching story, the loss of Jordan that led to formation of our Foundation? It deserves the recognition of all the other great disability and children programs and we will not stop until we're there. So we can help more families , so we can give more...  


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