Thursday, December 31, 2015

Help me make a difference

This passing year, through the nonprofit that I created, Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation we opened hearts and minds and made the news with our wheelchair challenge. There's only one day left to make a tax deductible donation this year. Check out the news clip below ! It's not a huge organization, but I have a lot of passion for it. It's not simply a cause that I picked up: Disability is something I've dealt with all my life. I wanted to do something to change the way people think and feel about people in wheelchairs, about people like me. And I haven't really seen anyone else trying to either. I think with some resources, with your help we can really make a difference.  I see this Foundation for what it could be, for what it could do- and that excites me. I know a lot of organizations ask for your support. Please give us a chance to make this dream a reality.
With 2016 approaching, please consider donating to FDAAF so we can make Florida more accessible, business owners more aware, general public more educated, students more involved. We'd like to continue developing programs that promote empathy and inclusion - and understanding for the basic human need to feel independent regardless of mobility issues. Let's find fun ways to talk about those heavy topics, together. Visit To donate go to… 

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