Wednesday, December 23, 2015

in the news

It's rare for me to say that a reporter did a good job covering my story, but I'm really happy with Angie Angers' work on the Wheelchaired for a Day segment. The young reporter from the local CBS affiliate explained my motivation for launching the project in a clear and approachable manner. She talked about the foundation, informed the viewers about how they could donate and participate. Dealing with journalists over the years has been a mixed bag. They either overwhelmed their audience with too many details or haven't said enough. This on the other hand- works. I really like her narration. In fact, when reaching out to potential sponsors and supporters lately I've been using her clip lately. It touches upon all the important elements and ties them together in a way that make sense. If only I wasn't there looking angry, speaking over a power drill, with my hair fighting of the wind. Thankfully I was only there for a few seconds so I skip that part.

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