Sunday, September 29, 2013

A technical visit

"There are so many things you need to do here"- my mom would say for the last two years. When I stepped off the plane in Warsaw I was expecting a very tight, time consuming agenda from day one. I've heard of many issues I simply needed to address that demanded my presence and  could not go on without me. Issues I might add, that would get a mention every time I called home. From formalities to doctors, from banks and picking up a new ID to the baptism of my new nephew and niece, I was the one missing component without which nothing could be set in motion. And I would get an earful  at least once a month. In October I'll be speaking at the World  Congress for Conductive Education in Munich. With a free flight from Europe I was offered I decided to go early and arrive in Poland, which is just east of Germany. I figured this will allow me not only to mentally prepare for the engagement, but also visit my parents I haven't seen in three years and brother I last saw face to face six years ago and also address all those supposed emergencies. Turns out there are no problems with my banking, my brother's reluctance to baptize his children has nothing to do with me and I couldn't pick up my new Polish ID because I'd never be here long enough anyway. My parents I guess just really wanted to see me and were looking for practical, non emotional reasons to have me come home. I did get to go to the dentist which after all the adventures of trying to find one in America and the expense gave me a peace of mind. I also got to meet my brother's children for the first time, something I greatly feared and my parents never understood. My mom loves kids and is very good with them, I am not. And she wanted to make the introductions right away. I haven't slept in 36 hours. I was on three different planes. Hygiene and restroom use were all a problem throughout the trip. I had long layovers. One flight was delayed and there was no chance of me making to that connection. Disability assistant in Frankfurt was walking with me to the other gate for about 2 hours and at one point we left the security cleared area and came back only to  be screened again. Then in Warsaw we were kept inside for a longer while because some one left a piece of luggage and no one was allowed to leave. Finally, dead tired I arrived home and wanted nothing but sleep. I couldn't even bring myself to shower.Yet my mom brought my brother and kids that date, turned on the lights, kept grabbing my face and attempted to wake me. I wouldn't have any of it and just slept right through it. I fell out of practice of being with other people in the house 24/7. Talking all the time, speaking to you or each other at the same time, slamming doors or walking in without knocking. Or suddenly just ending up in my room at once doing something else while I'm trying to focus and work. When I was younger it would annoy me a great deal. Now, I just treat it with more understanding and kindness. I tell myself they really love a  great deal. Then I tell myself I'm only here for ten days. I was hoping to lose some weight with more spread out, set meals while I was here, especially since my mom made a point to tell everyone that I'm now fat.  don't eat a lot, just infrequently and I'm under a lot of stress.  But I feel like I live with a couple of hobbits. Where one meal ends another begins. New people stop by to see me and cakes and ice cream always land on the table. My parents cook every day,can't get them to stop and can't offend their efforts by declining food.  Back in America my clients ask for updates about cases I handle reminding me that somewhere across the pond is my life now.

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