Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happening Tonight: Drag Queen accepts wheelchair challenge

GAINESVILLE, Florida – As the Wheelchaired for a Day Challenge rolls through the city this

month, Chastity Rose Della Cruize, the reigning Miss Jacksonville Comedy Queen of 2015, is

planning her Saturday night show at the University Club around the Wheelchair Challenge.

“Officially, hell on wheels,” Della Cruize said of her decision to accept the Challenge.

Her 24-hour period in the wheelchair will include her performance in the 11:30 p.m. show at

the UC -- 18 E. University Ave., in Gainesville. Admission is $5 for ages 21 and above and $6 for

ages 18 – 20.

Della Cruize is known for combining her head turning performances with support for a range of

charitable causes. In addition to the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation, she

has previously performed in support of the Barber Fund for HIV Awareness, Toys for Tots and

many others.

On a more personal note, Della Cruize said her performance this Saturday offers an opportunity

to wear a favorite pair of high heels. Otherwise, she said, the shoes have “too high a heel to

walk in, anyway!”

Video recording of her performance will be accessible at and in social

media at #WheelchairChallenge and #WheelchairedForADay, as well as on Facebook and

Twitter accounts for the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation, a 501(c)(3)


The Wheelchaired Challenge is the Foundation’s pilot project. The Foundation works to develop

public understanding of issues that affect the disability community. The Foundation is

committed to empowering those with disability to enjoy the quality of life that all human

beings deserve.

Special thanks to NuMotion for loaning a state of the art wheelchair for the Challenge!


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