Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A sense of hope

Throwing myself into my nonprofit work really helps me get my mind off things at home. (You could drive yourself crazy thinking what is there that they're not telling you and how it might end up). And for once things appear to be picking up. We've been interviewing new volunteers for the last few nights. It seems that people really want get on board bringing their own ideas and fresh perspective. Some of these were old friends who want to help out and our excited about the project. It's funny when someone you have known for a year or two if not more ends up having a skill you didn't know about or turns out to be exactly the professional you were looking for. I had my doubts, but the platform that Linked In put together for non profits really helps us get the word out. While not everybody that applies is always a new face in my circle, this set up allows me to simply say: We need help. Can you lend a hand? And for now we are making the connections. And it turns out that just as clueless I was about what some of the people I had already known did and could help me with, they had no idea that I've put together a nonprofit and what it was for. Over the weekend we met a young lady eager to help with a businessplan. Today we had coffee with someone who might just make the mobility app a reality for us. Even if it doesn't work, brainstorming with these people and sharing our mission with both friends and strangers gives me a little boost of energy. This just might work! This past year we got a little discouraged. Some of the people that we started the Foundation with fell off the project right away. Not that they cared to contribute much in the first place and their motivation for getting involved will forever be a mystery. But regardless of how this turns out, I'm really excited by the thought that I don't have to be alone in this and some people are not only willing to help, but are eager to get started. And we always say: It's OK. Take a few days to thing about it. We don't expect the impossible. In fact we don't expect anything at all. If you feel like you don't want to do it, it's fine, just tell us. And don't be afraid to turn to us if something comes up and you can no longer be involved. So far writing back to some of those applicants or just browsing through submissions has been a really fun journey. And that makes me want to open it up to even more people, so we can make the world more disability aware one small town at a time. If you are in Florida or even anywhere in the United States and feel like you can help us with: marketing, fundraising, app design, putting together an action plan for us, web design, photography, networking, PR or anything else to help us get FDAAF off the ground reach out to me. I for one am ready to get started. Visit http://fdaaf to read about what we hope to accomplish. To make things even more amazing, at the same time that we were bringing new faces to the organization, old faces resurfaced. An old friend who helped us draft some initial press releases and web content decided to come back and help some more. And this really makes me want to see what happens next, where this crazy journey will take us.

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