Thursday, February 14, 2013

Being a human being.

Isn't strange how you seem to be invested so much in your cause that it is all that people see? I bumped into a friend I have known for many years last night at a bar who was with a group of other people. I was not planning to be out that late, but after a brief conversation, I said- why not, to a suggestion that we should step into a bar. A few drinks later my friend told me that I was one of the few people they respected and admired as much. And I thought to myself: What an interesting choice of words. I didn't hear that I was fun or that they were happy to see me. Or that I was fun to be around. that I had a great smile, that I was a sharp dresser or even that they liked me. Yes, I'm a hard worker. During my years at the Klausner Foundation I was sleeping,  eating, breathing Conductive Education. That's how much it mattered for me that people knew what it was.I needed to make it work.If I had to do it myself, I would. Every little blimp, email, offer and idea felt ground breaking to me almost as if I have fused with this concept into one. I will never make that mistake again, but I guess I brought it on myself. But sometimes you want to be seen as more than just a cause you stand behind. You are more than your disability and you have you're entire life's worth of experience to prove it. But sometimes you just get too excited, too involved to get a proper perspective. Have I scared everybody off? Is that all they will me know me as? I don't mind being an activist or what you may call it. I'm first and foremost a human being, not just a poster child, not a cause and not idea. As you get a proper balance in your life, as much you bored your friends in the past with this you want them to see that. You want them to like you, not to be impressed by you, when you're having a drink. And be appreciated just for being around. Changing the world can wait till morning


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  2. I'm with you -- sometimes I want to spend an evening passionately figuring out how to change the world - but most of the time I want to relax, have a bit of fun, and as you say be appreciated for being around, being human. I think I'm going to get a shirt printed -- 'changing the world can wait 'til morning' -- brilliant!