Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A headache

I know when my body tells me to take care of myself better. I have to eat regularly. Sleep on a right schedule, keep hydrated. And yes, I also need my caffeine fix. It happens every few weeks, that between all the planning,  strategizing, staying up and stressing I forget to follow these simple rules and I end up paying for it. If I sleep too long or too little, if I don't eat and drink quickly after getting up I'm ending up with a migraine. And I know at that point over the next few hours it will grow stronger and stronger eventually putting me out of commission for a day or two. It sometimes helps if I grab a meal and nap some more, but a lot of times it's just something I need to get through. Eating, sleeping and relaxing. No big project to get to, no email to write. If it wasn't for the headache the day wouldn't be half bad. I know how it starts. With a piecing pain under my eye that spreads pulsating to my forehead and I feel it in my sinuses. When I was younger I would just power through it. Go out, get some food in me, drink some coffee, I might feel better. But then the pain just grows stronger, it's harder for me to ignore it and focus, I get sleepy, sensitive to light and I'm very uncomfortable. Last time this happened I decided to grab a hot dog and almost dozed off while eating and then couldn't finish it. And I ended up feeling nauseous. I used to be hellbent on not letting it ruin my day, but today I decided to take it easy. I got up late, then my law practice partner called me from Jerusalem and I skipped breakfast. Big mistake. A rookie mistake. I tried sleeping, eating, drinking water, drinking coffee and sleeping some more. Clearly my body wasn't cooperating, so I ordered cheese stix from "Five Star Pizza" and went through my DVR.  I was really hoping to join  my friends for karaoke tonight. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nights to socialize, have fun and drink. And then I had to sit this one out. There's always next week. The world can wait until I feel better. I guess that's a new notion for me, not having to prove that I'm stronger than this, that the mind always has to win over matter. I hate feeling like this, being grounded, giving in to weaknesses, not being able to do what I planned because of something within me to stop me in my tracks. But I can't fight it. So today, body, you win. Let's make a deal though- Thursday morning I expect to be a 100%.


  1. Sounds like fighting your body - no, I do not agree!

    When things are not going my way, I have learned to accept that the "timing" is obviously wrong. This often for reasons I may understand later or even never.

    Let's think about being upset for all these daily "troubles" you here and then made us aware of. WHAT if they could help you to understand a little part of your life's mosaic better? WHAT if a little accident saved you of being changelled by something even worse?

    You know these "divine" moments when a work flow is "driving you away": Everything's clear and life has never been easier.

    And then - on the other hand "one of these days" you mentioned above. Again: WHAT if your mind, your thoughts and your body haven't been ready for that day's task - it's all described clearly with your own words.

    Now just do we have to learn and accept what these special days are for?

    An imbalance of different forces. Thanking God for having mastered life so far. Having just that little indisposition instead of a serious illness! Thinking about that life isn't just "work"?

    What ever - it's up to you!

    And please do not only fight for inclusion of other people - include your best friend ever in your life: your body.

    If you do not agree: Don't be surprised cooperation of your body & soul isn't that smooth as it could be ...

    Hope you're feeling better now :-)

  2. Sometimes the body is meant to win, and we need to allow it without beating up ourselves. Sometimes it's just one thing that sets up a chain reaction that lands us back on our ascii, but it's okay. I call it a mental day, then go to bed and rest every hurting and stressed part.

    I hope your Thursday was wonderful.

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