Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our amazing Volunteers.

We wouldn't be able to do what we do, if it wasn't for the amazing volunteers from University of Florida and Santa Fe College that help out every semester and high school students that join them in the summertime. We are a small operation, we only have one conductor. Someone has to work and play with all the kids in the class and while we would like to afford to have more professionals aboard, we have to rely on limited resources we have. Somehow Kata is able to get the students to do exactly what needs to be done. She's a great communicator and knows how to excite and motivate not only the pupils in her class, but also the young men and women that come in to learn what Conductive Education is but also to help children with Cerebral Palsy become more independent. The faces change frequently, but many feel inspired enough to return every year.  The volunteers are also the ones who help us with fundraisers and getting the word out. They reach out to donors, parents, musicians, plan events, offer art and music therapy, design posters, plan picnic and pool days for the children and most often leave amazed and full of enthusiasm.  One of our former helpers decided to quit her major in occupational therapy because "Conductive Education is so much more useful". This year, we decided to tap into the UF community even more, when we created a student organization affiliated with the foundation. Deanna Pate was a freshman when she became the president of "Gators for Conductive Education". It's new, but it's growing, and we are looking for UF students to join us. To spread the word, to have a great adventure, to recruit new students, to help us help more children with Cerebral Palsy

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