Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another picture of me from Budapest

Pictures of me from the Peto Institute are quite rare. The Conductors didn't like to be photographed at all, parents were not allowed on the floor to witness any of the rehabilitation sessions as if some kind of secret ritual was taking place behind closed doors. My father was quite persistent and he loved his camera so he did snap a few, but there's more of me walking, standing, posing in my braces and with sticks on my time off from the facility. What this does is explain a bit the mindset of my parents. There was no resting, there was no weekend off from rehabilitation. They would always put me in braces and have me walk around the apartment or to some destination as a challenge or just have me stand or lay in them while reading or watching TV. And this is how you improve; This needs to become a part of your life as obvious as brushing your teeth. This picture is quite taken early on, I'd say 1987 or '86. My first sticks are in it - they were wooden and with a fixed length so I quickly became too tall for them. We quickly progressed towards expandable metal ones. Also my first leg braces, with leather straps made of synthetic material before we got the heavy ones made of metal that folded at the knee.

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