Friday, February 19, 2016

Back to the fold

Earlier this week we welcomed one of our former directors back to our team. There's a certain sense of comforting  familiarity in bringing one of key players into a new role. Someone who knows you and your organization so they know what they're getting into. At the same time - everyone has done a little changing and plenty of growing, so it's a bit like discovering a familiar face all over again. While the nonprofit is in some ways the same, it's in a different place than where it was when it was. And it's exciting for me to see it through the eyes who was there essentially at the beginning. Only then I realize that as hard as I am on myself for not being where I want to yet, we did make a lot of progress. Slowly and steadily we are moving it the right direction. And it makes me feel good to not have to explain every single thing although there's a lot of change. And for someone with that sense of understanding to bring their own excitement and energy levels brings the best in us and it turn gets us going. It's a bit like coming home. And to have someone wanting to come back to a vision you're trying to build tells you that despite the setbacks and confusion, mistakes and often- time passed, but not in vain- you're doing something right. The truth is- we needed help. And there was no one else I would trust with our ideas more than someone who was in the trenches with us. The timing seemed right. Our programs are expanding, we are excited but overwhelmed, everything seems to be growing at a crazy paste. It's good to have a friend there with you. That's the nature of nonprofits. People leave, gain a different perspective and then return, injecting it with new ideas. All we've been doing is planning and we are excited to go forward. Hopefully it's nothing but smooth sailing from this point on. I have the same sense of excitement for the cause that brought us first together. A feeling that sky is the limit. That we must think outside of the box. Our projects our bursting outside of the box. We now have programs and structure we've never had before. And you can only build on that.

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