Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If I won the PowerBall....

Many people don't believe it when I say it. I really don't have big dreams for myself. There's no gadget that I really must have, I never wanted a mansion and fast cars don't really impress me. I just want to be comfortable. For me that means being in a place where I don't have to wonder if I see enough clients this month to pay my rent. And quite frankly I'm not there yet. I have my moments of stress and my moments of doubt. But for me life is about being able to make it. And having a life doing what you know well and love. Helping people. Being surrounded by friends. Searching for and finding happiness. Perhaps it's because I devoted so much time and energy to the non profit that I started, Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation - but making it work, making a difference in how people see disabilities is my one big dream. And I know that if I can finally   have that rolling, everything else will fall into place. And it just has to happen. If I won a million dollars- I'd donate it back to the Foundation. In my mind I can see all the great programs we could launch with money like that and people that it would have touched. The vision that is so clear to me I can picture my future team and it's office. excited to get started. Sometimes I just don't communicate it well. We can get America to care about disabilities, to notice, we can push, we can inspire and listen. For me it starts in Florida, but that's just the beginning. Yes, if I won the billion plus this coming Wednesday I'd take care of my family a little more ( my dad does have a heart condition) but the closest I've come to thinking about spending money on myself is moving to a bigger apartment, only across the street.  My fantasy is not retiring by 40 or a cruise on the Nile, but leaving this world a little better than it was when I found it. Perhaps it's because  being in a wheelchair all my life meant that proving my worth was always a goal in the back of my mind- but what I want to do can help a lot of people. A lot of people like me. And you can help to, by visiting. and donating what you can. And I did win Saturday, and not metaphorically. I got 8 dollars!  And I get to tell the tale how I participated in this historic lottery with the biggest jackpot ever. I was there even if I don't win the 1.3 billion. And hey, it's for education.



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