Monday, July 6, 2015


Here's a word I've been hearing lately: Engaging. Our social media posts need to be engaging for people to get excited about them, share and interact. Our website copy needs to be "engaging". Currently it has a lot of statistics and data. It explains what the disability issues are and how we see them, but it lacks a sense of urgency and nothing about it grabs you. It's in proper English and perhaps it even has a structure and a flow, but it doesn't really explain why you should care. It doesn't really reassure you that you can trust us with your time and your money, that the issues we talk about matter to more than just us, that we are ready and equipped to deal with them, that we know how, and that it's our own way to change the world in ways that have impact. But the impact is not something we've done a continuously good job showing. I have a disability- so to me FDAAF's mission never needed any clarification and explanation, but I see that's not necessarily how it comes across to others. I don't need reassurance or reignition, because I'm as excited about it today as I was on day one. But  the non profit that I formed is not for my benefit but for everybody else. Them being able to put it together in a way that not only makes sense but gets them excited about the cause. So much to dismay of our already overworked Creative Director, I threw another project to the mix. We were about to launch the fundraiser for the disability App and just move on from it, but instead of just throwing that hard sale out there and letting it fizzle out I thought, why not give it a fighting chance? Why not instead of writing about it, show them. Actually engage the public, give them something they can experience. Then we can let our mission flow from this project to the next with something you can be a part of that hopefully will be fun. This is something we worked out over the weekend, and it amazes me that we never thought about it before. We all wanted some change, something that will drive the narrative. I will not say much more as this is something we are planning for August, but people we spoke about it love it too. Here's my advice to struggling non profits- make your first project out of the gate big. Let it be about all the elements and issues you care about.  Make it something that allows them to physically experience your perspective. That's how you can make a connection.

In a different part of Florida our Creative Director is working on an upcoming website for my law practice, because - well I need one. I have a block of text I need tob write for it that will show that I'm competent, compassionate, experienced and trustworthy. Or as she says it: Engaging.

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