Friday, July 3, 2015

4th on the 3rd.

You can't make this up! 4th of July is one of the biggest patriotic holidays for Americans in the year. Many make a weekend out of it, go to the beach, spend time with family or have friends over for a barbecue. It wouldn't be much of a break this year as the day itself falls on a Saturday. But with the calendar standing in the way of everyone's vacation plans, the long weekend would be.... well, just a weekend. In an attempt to give hard working millions well deserved time off for many the federal holiday of July the 4th will be observed July the 3rd which is today. My local mass transit system will not be running this Friday for example. And here's the funny thing- as the bus service is available seven days a week, they could have easily shut it off on Saturday and the drivers would still have a day to celebrate.Instead, they will be back to work on the 4th, the actual calendar date of the holiday. I guess since that one didn't work we go just with the one that we like better. So this year the 4th is on the 3rd or the 3rd is actually the fourth and Saturday and Friday trade places if that makes any sense. I remembered a line from some old Russian comedy that went "The week ends this Wednesday" and I'm beginning to understand what they meant. Is it Friday? Is it Saturday, is it both? I guess we'll know Monday. All I know is- with the projects going on I could use a break no matter what day it is and I have sushi in my refrigerator. I might even check out the new Terminator movie this week if my friends feel like leaving their brains at the coat check and enjoying two hours of special effects and explosions. I will enjoy this. Poland is famous for its extended holidays and long weekends. There are years in which all you need to do is take a day or two  off to get what we call the longest weekend of modern Europe. The first week of May and Christmas/New Year's feel like an extended leave. It's time Americans caught a break as well. Have a warm, happy and safe Independence Day!

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