Thursday, July 24, 2014

Foundation 2.0

Later today  we'll be presenting our foundation's new visual presence for the first time. After weeks of planning, changing, discussing and yes- arguing we'll be showing our new redesigned image to the world at the ADA Expo at the Sidney Lanier school in Gainesville. Our Twitter, Facebook  and Website already have the new look. Our soft launch has a theme: Tell us your story. All our new materials that we will be distributing at the event were tailored to fit that theme. We want to hear from people with disabilities,  their problems, successes and moments of glory . We want to reach out to those who were affected, changed or impressed by those with a disability. Part of our mission is of after all promotion of a positive image of a person with disability. Help us spread this message and join us at the EXPO today. The visuals were designed by the newest addition to our crew, the talented Jazzy Trafficano, who like me ended up in America after leaving Poland. She has designed visuals for award shows, branding for financial institutions, images for video games, posters, calendars, marketing material. Now we are fortunate to have her in our group.

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