Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sick, sick, sick

On Saturday I'm supposed to give a short presentation on my life story as it intertwines with Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation. My flight to Munich is all set. The problem is, I physically can't speak. My throat hurts when I try to swallow, my neck is in pain with every slightest move, my ear is irritated and as of six hours ago I'm on antibiotics and a bunch of colorful pills I can't name. Are you familiar with Murphy's law- if anything can go wrong it will? Welcome to my life. What was supposed to be the high point of my Warsaw visit- a celebratory dinner hosted in by honor by my brother and his wife with her world famous chocolate cake and cousins I grew up with, that I last saw maybe six, maybe nine years ago ended up with  a trip to ER and figuring out which Warsaw clinics are open Sunday. As I started to zone out right at the table my sister in law took my temperature to discover I had a high fever. Tomorrow morning I was supposed to make my mark as I was asked to give an interview for the Polish disability magazine "Integracja". I'm flying to Munich the day after. The germs- an unwanted gift from my mother- what she claimed was a slight sinus infection, but what with all the coughing and clearing throat sounds more like an asthma attack that she refuses to see the doctor for. But I did and guess what- I have some upper respiratory tract infection. As I was waiting with my father to see the doctor I rushed to use the restroom. It wasn't wheelchair friendly, it barely had a toilet seat attached and I had to use my father arms to lean on because there was nothing else I could safely hold on to. It's been decades since my father had to help me go potty. On the upside- at least healthcare in Poland is free. So far I'm sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking fluids, sleeping and taking drugs. Six hours later I seem to be in a little bit less pain. Keep your fingers crossed.

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