Friday, October 5, 2012

Why do I blog?: Disability, law and passion

My parents believe that I'm being too open about many aspects of my life. The fear is, I guess, when you put those things out there, forever they will remain and who knows what may end up haunting me or what I may end up regretting 20, 30 years from now. I blog about them freely and frequently.  I try not to do things that will embarrass me in the future. Many of my law school friends would go through their profiles on Facebook, censoring their lives, changing their names so they would never be found when they were applying to the Bar or interviewing for jobs. Never happened to me. It's not that I don't put anything wild and crazy on the internet. It's that I don't do a lot of the things I see my peers doing in the first place. Internet is no different from real life. At all times I try to be respectable. Dressing nice, talking politely - just like my mom raised me. And just like in the real world I never did anything wild or outrageous, I would never allow myself to be careless in the virtual one. Because it's no less real than the other one. I've never had any compulsions to act out. You may say I'm pretty square that way. The best way to take control over your life is  having almost nothing to hide. One area that I leave to myself is my private life. I never understood people sharing very intimate personal details,  things that are very biological in nature and often gross. I do it as a rule, not that it's either scandalous or exciting. You will never see a nude picture of me floating  on someone's cell or internet because I never took one and I never will. My thoughts, feelings and experiences are a different issue. I don't think that exposing myself emotionally makes me vulnerable. I think it makes me human.

But I think it's only fair that people know more about me if they are to trust me. Being an attorney is a relationship built on trust after all.  If anybody is to consider hiring me in any capacity they deserve to see where I'm coming from and what I'm about. If they open up to me, I'll open up to them. And I think honesty pays off in real life.  People trust what they can understand. To anybody who cares, this is who I am and these are the things I care about. And this is why you should care as well. I'd rather be as real as I can be than to invent a suit and ties persona for myself. Hopefully, someone will appreciate me for who I am. Lies and omissions tend to catch up with you anyway. 

Perhaps, dare I say it- I can give somebody hope. Maybe I can change your mind, show you how painfully normal I am, influence how you see disability. Maybe you can see how important upbringing is and how what we do as children often directly connects to how we are as adults. Luckily, we can all blame our parents for whatever flaw we find in ourselves ;) Maybe you can stop and think about what I put up with every day, what it's like to get up and be in my shoes and wheelchair for 33 years and counting. Maybe you can see my good intentions. This is me, come find me in my world. And I can only be myself.

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