Monday, July 2, 2012

Pick up a copy of the Gainesville Sun Monday

I wrote a letter to the editor of my city’s leading newspaper  last week. I quite liked what I wrote. I thought it was poignant and funny, maybe a little edgier  than the things I typically post on my blog. As I read it to myself I thought I really didn’t mind if they didn’t use it because then I would just put it here for everyone to read and that would save me the effort of having to write another piece. But then I got a phone call from the opinion editor at the Gainesville Sun. They were not going to print it as a letter to they editor. They said it was too long for that., but they liked the text. They did however ask my permission to print it as a guest column on Monday. What is it about? I’m not going to reuse it on my blog, so I decided to tell the story with pictures I took one Wednesday night while strolling about downtown. I’ve noticed how people who frequent local hipster bars tie their bicycles absolutely everywhere- trees, lampposts, street signs, often in a way that blocks wheelchair ramps and sidewalks making it sometimes nearly impossible to get around. And they have more choice in transportation and mobility than I do. You can read the text here:

Also a frequent practice: Those portable entrance lines to clubs taking up most of the sidewalk.


  1. Read the article, loved it. I see it happen all the time around Gville. and yes Im stalking you now :)