Friday, August 12, 2011

To the inconsiderate driver

Dear driver of Volkswagen Golf that parked by the Dragonfly building in downtown Gainesville,
I guess you were in a hurry to pick up your order, have your nails done or perhaps you couldn't miss out on that dress on sale in the window. And I'm sure you were only away from your car for ten minutes, most of you always are. You'd probably say were coming right back, what was the big deal, why would I get upset? Have you noticed that the place you picked for yourself was not a parking spot? Did you even care? And yes, I know, I know it's hard to find parking downtown and you most likely didn't have change for a meter. I feel for you, driver of Volkswagen Golf, but unlike me you can come up and off a sidewalk in any place you choose. I'm in a wheelchair and I need a ramp. You decided that your comfort was more important when you blocked my access to the building. Luckily, this time I was able to cross the street, go around it and come from the other side. Thank you for looking out for me-  I needed the exercise. Many times however there is no way for me to go around the car or cross anywhere safe without going back to the next light. One time, dear driver, a girl was so creative that she parked not only right  in front of the ramp with a huge sign "ramp access" right by the Stadium on campus, but she centered herself on the painted "no parking" square. Because the ramp is not meant to be a convenient spot for you, but a necessity for me. And my ability to  get to where I need to go shouldn't depend on how quickly you pick up your dry cleaning, feed your pet or pee.  How can we survive if we have no consideration, no respect for one another? This is exactly why I need to push for more awareness. Not only for people with disabilities to teach them their rights, but of them and their needs. And this is how I see my role at the Jordan Klausner Foundation.
Be well,

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