Friday, August 5, 2011

Now accepting children with Cerebral Palsy for fall semester at the Gainesville Conductive Education Academy

The Gainesville Conductive Education Academy operated by the Jordan Klausner Foundation is a Florida charter school that combines rehabilitation and education for children with neuromuscular disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. We are one of only two centers in the region able to offer our services free for qualifying residents and we are now accepting applications for the fall semester. The Peto method that inspires our approach has gained worldwide popularity in the late 1980's and has made countless children more functional and independent improving their mobility and communication skills. We think it's the combination of carefully designed exercise routines that children perform themselves rather than having things done to them, the loving and demanding approach of the Conductor that pushes the children to try harder and reach further, the motivating atmosphere, the furniture that doubles as exercise tools and the way parents are encouraged to apply the same principles at home all result in many success stories  we have also seen in Gainesville. Our conductor, Kata is Hungarian and was trained in Budapest. We know that many Florida kids get little to no rehabilitation or treatment of any kind, especially if it collides with school activities and parents' schedules, for that reason we offer schooling and rehabilitation in one place, together, part of a holistic approach. We also know that many Floridians have not heard of our school or the Peto method and ways it could benefit them.  Please help us spread the word, there are many more children we can help. For appointments email:

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