Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two wars

"There are two wars that we fight every day"- a friend in a wheelchair told me once- "One is the battle with our own body that doesn't always cooperate with you. The other is facing all the other people in the outside world". I think he was right. As difficult it may be to have a physical limitation, dealing with what everyone else thinks, projects and assumes often and in many ways is much worse. I've been dealing with Cerebral Palsy for 35 years. I got in covered. Nobody knows more about what it's like to be me than me, I think- with my three law degrees and projects constantly developing in the background I've been doing a pretty good job. That doesn't mean of course that being in this body isn't trying sometimes. We all have those days when it's hard to get out of the bed in the morning. And when it takes some effort to actually and literally lift yourself up in the morning. But I like to think I'm making it day by day. And there are times when I think I'm pretty fly for doing what I'm doing and getting out the door. And then there are other people. And they do often get me down I know I shouldn't let them. Because if I manage my disability and I make it work, why should they have an opinion? I guess that's why I started Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation- to help with that other war, to take it out of the equation.  The war on ignorance, prejudice and prejudice. Because life is complicated enough without having to deal with all that added stuff, that have nothing to do with you, you know? Today we have launched a page for the photo app we are fundraising for. There are programs and websites that deal with wheelchair and access already, so we wanted to try a bit of a different angle. Our Creative Director called in "Instagram for Disabilities" or "Selfies for greater good". What if the general public is much of a target of this as are people with disabilities? What if the point is to get them to care and notice, so then they snap a picture of a wheelchair problem area. What if we made a game. With challenges and prizes, with wheelchairs, disability, accessibility, all those noble concepts in the back of everyone's mind while they're doing it? Would we be able to get people to pay attention and to care, especially since we're not asking for more than what it takes to snap a picture? Maybe we can change the way people think. Empathy and education while having fun. What a novel concept! But in order to get there we need our project to launch. So please visit:


and read about it some more. Consider donating and helping us spread the word! I think the end result could be exciting and unique, but it needs community support. If you have questions, please email me at rstrzalkowski@FDAAF.ORG


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