Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter in America is a far cry from the holiday I remember at home. If it wasn't for the few stores that closed for the day I wouldn't even know there is anything special about the date.  The Bus system that usually uses any official holiday to go out of service was running like every other day. On Monday, which in many European countries is a day off work everyone I know in Gainesville will be back working. So, if it was meant to be like any other Sunday I wanted to do what I do every other Sunday- and go by food for the week. As I was leaving my apartment to get to my stop, I noticed a few of my neighbors decided to take advantage of the grill in the middle of the complex. They were flipping burgers, drinking and playing beer bong. Someone brought a stereo and from the smell of it, something was burning. As I was about to exit through our parking lot the couple on the second floor asked me where I was going. They explained that Publix, the store I usually go to was closed and they tried two different locations when looking to restock on soft drinks. They must be very religious- my neighbors concluded. Suddenly my entire day opened up. But I realized that I needed to find a place to eat, since I wasn't getting groceries to make my own food. As I strolled along I saw my neighbor dressed all in pink. I commented that her outfit matched the Starbucks cup she held in her hand as well as the paper pastry bag. She told me it's a new  chocolate croissant  that the chain was launching and I should definitely try it. As I went further I met a familiar couple also with coffee cups and paper bags raving about the new pastries. Unlucky for me, about a month ago I decided to cut my calorie intake and get rid of the sweets in my died. But as I looked around downtown, all restaurants I stopped by where closed. The one place you could trust to stay open was indeed Starbucks. And I caved. A warm chocolate croissant it is. And a latte. I figured, it's a holiday. If I was back home, I'd be eating my mom's homemade pork-loin,  salads and cakes. We'd be so stuffed with the food that has to be eaten otherwise it'll go bad, that it'd be hard to move. Dayss of sitting at the table and eating. Eating, drinking, visiting, resting and watching TV. Here's something I never do at home. At 7 I was seeing a play at a local theatre. Shakespeare. I didn't pick the date. The ticket came with April 20 printed on it already. I would never even think that cinemas and performance venues would work as usual but it made my day. Maybe Easter can be about making new traditions here as well as the customs I remember from back home?


  1. Panie Rafale, nie znamy się, ale podziwiam Pana za determinację i piękny charakter :)