Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's work together

The Munich Conductive Education World Congress re-energized me in some ways, while clipping my wings and crushing my dreams in others. Many people got to see me speak. A few reached out to me right after to say how impressed and inspired they were to hear my life story and things I accomplished. It's obviously flattering when someone has nice things to say, but I'm not here to be admired. But if I can, I'd like to put it to good use and make a difference. I would like nothing more than to be involved with disability organizations, Cerebral Palsy causes and Conductive Education schools. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a career in  something you're passionate about, something you can stand behind and support, helping people just like you?  At the beginning of the year I started a nonprofit to deal with issues other people were overlooking and I have not been very successful attracting other people to it. At moments like these a thought pops to my head- maybe I should be doing something else, somewhere else, maybe there's a better way to tap into my life experiences and skills. I said it once and I'll say it again- I'm willing to discuss any new opportunity that opens up. My biggest regret after my Munich speech would be, if nothing comes out of it. If all that happened was that I went, spoke, people got to hear me and perhaps got interested for five minutes and then it ended as soon as I went off. Just one, insignificant moment in time. Yes, I got a few emails after I got home. Emails that perhaps I got too excited about, a mistake I always make. I should really curb my enthusiasm a bit more. So many other times someone gets in touch with me, we start talking, I get my hopes up and nothing ever happens. This time a few Conductive Education centers reached out saying, we were blown away, is there a way we can work together? Could you perhaps come and do some presentations, like the one in Munich? And I always say: Great, what did you have in mind? And this is usually how the communication ends. Because a lot of time they really have no idea how and what for they would use me. A lot of times I feel like they expect me to come up with ways I can get involved. I'm interesting to have around. Like an alien-life form, a missing link or a unicorn, but I can't think of any practical ways a lot of these places would have me on-board. I would match rather do something like this than trying to grab any random client I can get. Trying to practice law often test my patience, I often deal with people who have no respect for me, my energy and my time. It's a stressful line of work that leaves me depleted and second guessing my life choices. I wouldn't mind trying something else.  And while making big money and having a lot of possessions never made it on my to-do list, I do have rent to pay. I can't afford to volunteer much more time, no matter how close to my heart the cause may be. I tried it before, led me nowhere, other than making me one year older. I'm also not a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy who has the mobility, the time, the energy to have a full time job and then run a CE school on the weekends. I do need to look out for my own future and stability.  I've also heard from the North American CE Association. I think they are amazing people and I admire everyone who tries to make a difference. A few weeks ago we've had a very nice conversation, we've exchanged pleasantries. But I don't think anything will come out of it. Perhaps I'll pay the membership fee and join like they offered, but a problem is: we can talk, you can ask me questions, you can even touch me and aside from a few compliments nothing ever happens.  But this made me think. If where I am is really as "amazing" as they try to see it as perhaps I should be more proactive. I've decided to reach out to disability nonprofits across Florida and CE centers from around America. I have all those LinkedIn credits and it's time to start spending them. And this time, it's me asking:" Have you heard about me? Maybe there's a way we can work together?"

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