Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat. My bedroom felt incredibly cold and all I wanted to do is grab some extra covers and go back to sleep. But I had a meeting I needed to get to and with no one to make me hot soup and nurse me to health I rolled out of bed. It sucks being a grown up sometimes.  Winter is back in Florida, with temperatures going as low as 0 C. It is not just cold outside. It's chilly and windy. As I was getting lunch across the street today and the cold seemed to have been getting to every fibre of my body I kept asking myself why I was out. But I had places to be and things to do and something as simple as weather was not about to  get in my way. Part of the reason I like Florida so much is that most of the time all I need to wear is as simple as t-shirt, jeans and shoes. Putting on bulky jackets, sweatshirts and layers make it much harder for me to move around in a wheelchair. I feel heavier and less mobile. I need to make sure no piece of clothing get caught somewhere or dirty from my wheels. And as I'm sitting down all the time I need to make sure I'm evenly covered and no skin i showing. It's harder than you might think from this position. I'm not a homebody. It's difficult for me to not be able to go out and socialize and on Tuesday and Thursday not to be able to grab a drink with some of Gainesville's it crowd. Between all the stress and all the delays of my new, exciting secret project I really need to maintain my routines and hold on to some me-time. But when the wind feels like it will it blow you off the sidewalk, my bed feels like the most enchanting place on the planet where I can hide with a cup of cocoa. I wish I could tell you that something amazing has happened this week. Between the things I really can't talk about prematurely and all the things I have to do, my day to day chores and tasks, I've been mostly keeping warm. Some days are better than others, but I have high hopes for Spring. And I don't mean only the weather.

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  1. Had American Cancer Society daffodils on the table since Saturday. Lovely. Still awaiting warm temps up here near Lake Michigan, and watching for local crocuses to herald the arrival of our "Spring."

    I hope your high hopes for Spring soar.