Monday, May 7, 2012

The new beginning

When I originally started this blog,I expected to write about our work with kids with Cerebral Palsy. The more visible and transparent it is, I though- the more the public will understand what Conductive Education is and the benefits it can bring to those who try it. That there’s no magical approach, we’re not selling snake oil here and if you use plain terms to explain what it is, it makes perfect sense because the bottom line is- it’s about hard work. But then I realized that all all of this tied nicely into my own childhood experiences, because I’ve been through a lot of what our kids are experiencing today and as an adult I can explain it better. What I didn’t expect to find, mostly because I haven’t really contemplated who I am and why in that way is how it’s not simply a closed chapter boxed away neatly in the back of my mind. It has shaped who I am today in ways I never considered. At the same time, two things happened. I realized how much prejudice or dare I say contempt there is in America for disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and how easily they’re misunderstood. As a person with that condition that fact affected not only how I felt about myself and my disability but how others perceived me, which becomes problematic since my profession requires me to be nothing but competent, able and trusted. The Jordan Klausner Foundation at the same time was communicating nothing about their daily activities, which I thought was a shame because a little more openness, I thought could bring so much awareness. So I wrote about myself more. The more I wrote about myself, the less it was about the Jordan Klausner Foundation. I decided to move my blog not because I want to abandon things I felt passionate about and write about something entirely different. It’s because the scope, even on its original domain has deviated greatly from what a non profit blog should be about. I’ve decided to leave JKF a few weeks ago, but it’s not the organization’s pressure made me move the content.

If I had stayed I would’ve done the very same thing. Since I’m writing about my childhood, my experiences with rehabilitation, prejudice and disability and it has nothing to do with the Foundation, it’s only fair I distanced myself from a non profit it evolved from.  Yes, I will be establishing myself as an attorney. But my passion and practice area will remain focused on disability, specifically perspectives in education. Because this is who I am. My partner happens to be connected to the Conductive Education aspect as well- he was the one who introduced me to the Klausner family and used to volunteer at their CE center many years ago. I hope to write about our history in the coming days as well as about our dreams and plans for the future. For now I would like to apologize for the confusion caused by the move.I know that it caused for it to temporarily fall of the Conductive Post feeds. But this  is something that had to happen, even if it was painful. The scope of my blog will not change.  But I feel that my talents required a different vessel and a new forum. But my fight for awareness, education and inclusion continues.In fact, some of the things we have planned will involve JKF’s backing. For now,I’m flying to Washington DC not only to take my second Oath of Attorney, but hopefully to have some meetings while I’m there that are still being scheduled and get the ball rolling.

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